Commerce Disclosure

In compliance with Japanese law, this is the commercial disclosure (特定商取引法に基づく表記) for Hazunats.

The brand known as “Hazunats” is owned and operated by Hazu and creates entertainment content online using a PWYW model in which viewers can consume the content for free but can support and improve production quality through tips and gifts. Those tips and gifts are accepted through Paypal and Stripe using Streamlabs, Throne and Ko-Fi as payment pages.

Merch sales through the Hazu Store are handled separately by Faction Ready registered in Canada operating on Hazu’s behalf with full permissions.




Information will be disclosed if requested

Phone number

Information will be disclosed if requested

Email address

Head of operations


Additional fees

There are no hidden fees since the customer chooses how much they wish to tip. Foreign currency exchange fees may be charged by the customer’s card or bank if the customer uses a different currency than USD.

Exchanges & returns policy

As the tips and gifts are completely voluntary on a service already rendered for free, there is no refund or exchange. Any issues related to identity fraud should be handled with your financial institution or the payment processor in question.

Delivery times

Tips are voluntary support which are thanked through an on-screen alert on stream within 2 minutes of the transaction along with a message in the chat. Due to the technical challenges of IRL livestreams, this system is not 100% reliable and not guaranteed. It should be considered as an extra rather than part of the transaction.

Accepted payment methods

Viewers wishing to send tips can do so through credit card using Stripe and Paypal, or bank transfers using Paypal as an intermediary.

Payment Period

All payments are processed immediately by Paypal or Stripe.


Tips and gifts are voluntary, therefore the final price is up to the customer.