Hi I’m Hazu! I’m an English teacher by day and a live streamer by night. Join the stream and go nuts with me on my ice cream fueled adventures around Osaka!


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About Me

Nice to meet you! I’m Hazu. I’m an English teacher and live streamer from Osaka, Japan.
I’m an aspiring traveler, ice cream lover and food enthusiast.
I’m new to livestreaming so you’ll get to see me get into adventures such as:
  • Discovering Dotonbori at night
  • Climbing Nara Shrine
  • Making quadruple burgers
  • Roller blading without brakes
  • Dying my hair with voted colors
  • Trying out cosplays
  • Training to be a “Master of Spice”
I hope you enjoy you’ll enjoy your time and go nuts with us!

If you spend too much time worrying, you won’t get to enjoy things.

Stream Moments